USB 2.0 External 56K Fax Modem

$18.00 USD

ITU V.90 / V.92
115.2 Kbps DTE baud rate
Full-duplex 56Kbps / data / fax
ITU V4.2 and MNP-2 data error connection
V4.2 Bit and MNP5 data compression protocol
Enhances at command set
Microphone / earphone / handsfree function support
V.8 Video conference function support
Wake up on ring
Ring detection
DTMF detection and generation
Voice / fax / modem distinction
Sleek design
Compatible with most Windows and Linux platforms
Dimension: 96 x 65 x 25mm (approx.)
Weight: 78g

USB 2.0 External 56K Fax Modem
Phone Cord
USB Cable
Installation CD