Nature Observing Recording Playback Dish

$45.00 USD

The nature observing dish is a high quality and innovative device which is suitable for listening in and spying on a secret conversation up to a range of 300ft.
Headphones are comfortably padded for bringing high fidelity sound to your ears for clear listening capabilities.
The inbuilt noise reduction frequency control provides optimal use for bird watchers, and is suitable for listening to animals at an 8x magnification.
Easily operated, this device allows for long term use within a variety of applications, and can provides easy sound transfer to a tape recorder.

This spy device uses a sophisticated roof prism optical system and turn focus ring to provide optimal operation when used.
Hears animal sounds over 300 feet away.
This digital listening set observes birds and animals at an 8x magnification rate.
Playback sound or transfer it to your tape recorder.
Features the capability of recording sound with its integrated microphone.
Equip with parabolic sound collecting dish and headphones.
Parabolic dish diameter: 21cm
Frequency controller for reducing unwanted noise
Powered by 9V alkaline battery (not including)
Dimension: 22cm x 22cm x 25.5cm
Weight: 370g

Main Unit
Parabolic Dish
Cleaning Cloth
Stereo Headphone