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USB mini Aromatic Diffuser

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Filter the smoke and odors in the air by Air-flow and high-speed rotational principle.
Purifies the air, cleanses away the pollutants.
USB powered.
Air-flow and High-Speed Rotational Principle.
Cleanses away the bacteria, fungi, cigarette smokes and nicotine, noxious smells in any confined area.
Aromatize indoor air for a healthier living environment.
The Aromatic Diffuser will cleanse the air being drawn in, and then diffused out the treated air as a vapour.
Safer than a candle diffuser, no fire hazard.
Use with the essential oil, bring power of aromatherapy into daily life.
Dimension: 10.5cm dia. x 11.5cm
Weight: 185gm
Cable length: 90cm

Bundled Accessories:
USB mini Aromatic Diffuser
Skidproof Pad
Padded sticker

*Essential oil not including