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Wireless PC Lock - Timer Control

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Wireless PC Lock with TIMER CONTROL

USB interface
2 meters effective range
PC enters auto lock mode when user is away
PC resumes automatically when user is within range
Timer setup, control the working hours of the computer by the user (1 minute ~ 8 hours)
Password is required to unlock PC if transmitter is not available
One transmitter can be shared with several PCs
On/Off switch for the transmitter

One unique Security code
315 or 434 MHz operating frequency
Transmitter uses 3V/CR2032 battery (included)
Approximately 2000 hours battery life
USB powered
Support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

Bundled Accessories:
Timer Control Wireless PC Lcok
Transmitter w/strap
Driver CD
USB extension cable
3V (CR2032) battery

You Save: 40.00%