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USB Powered Disc Destroyer

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You shred sensitive documents for security but what do you do with CDs and DVDs that contain sensitive data?
It's dangerous to break them but you can't just throw them away. USB Powered CD/DVD Destroyer is the answer.
It is an ideal product for destroying data stored on CDs and DVDs, with three carbon steel knurled points, USB Powered CD/DVD Destroyer permanently destroys the surface of CDs, DVDs and other CD-size disks rendering the data-bearing surfaces unreadable within 5 seconds.
Your sensitive data cannot be read and you don't have to break disks.

Features & Specifications:
USB Powered: 5V, 500mA USB bus power
Render any CD/DVD disc unreadable by creates circular pattern on disc surface
Five seconds all data on the CD/DVD will be completely destruction
Lifetime - Consume at least 100,000 pieces CD/DVD disc.
USB power cable length: 50cm
Dimension: 60 x 120 x 50mm
Weight: 130g

USB Powered CD/DVD Destroyer
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