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USB Temperature Stick

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Record the real-time temperature data
Curves display, average curves and current curves

MSN function:
After the MSN login, his friends can operate by related tips and obtain the temperature data.
Your friends also can obtain the temperature data automatically when he/she send "1" in according with tips.
The temperature data including Real-time temperature, Maximum value, Minimum value and Average value.

Email function:
Support POP3/SMTP and other server port.
Related function:
1) When the alarm is on, it will send the email to specified mail box if the temperature reach the alarm limit.
2) Sending interval, then it will send the email to the specified mail box at set intervals.
3) Send email continuously to the specified mail box.

Powered by USB
Temperature Range: -55°C ~ 125°C (-67°F ~ 257°F)
Capture temperature data from every second to 12 hours
Support Windows 7, Vista and XP
Dimension: 53 x 14 x 7mm (approx.)
Weight: 14g