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Geek Stuff > CF to 2.5" IDE Adapter with Case

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The CF to 2.5" IDE Adapter is an adapter for connecting a Compact Flash memory card to a 2.5" IDE host interface, aiming at educational sectors, IT development, and the embedded technology enthusiast to enable the use of a Compact Flash card as an IDE hard drive.


  • Bootable on any operating systems
  • 44 pin way (2mm) pin IDE connection, works as 2.5" Hard Drive
  • Master, Slave or Cable select mode selection
  • Fully compatible with Compact Flash Type I, Type II and Micro drive
  • Support PIO, Multi-DMA and Ultra DMA Modes*
  • Dimension: 70 x 60 x 8mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 25g


  • CF to 2.5" IDE Adapter with Case
  • Screws and screws driver
  • User Manual

    *This adapter does not support hot insertion of CF cards

  • Price: US$ 12.00
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