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USB Winter Stuff > USB Heating Slippers
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Ever experience that your feet feeling freeze?
Maybe when you're working in an air-conditioned room or in the winter time.
Then the USB Heating Slippers may suits your need.
It has a warmer pad inside. Once you plug it in the USB port, your feet will get warm.
It supports Windows, Macintosh, PlayStation, Xbox ... etc, and do a great job de-frosting your feet.
Great for those who live in cold places.


  • Deforsting your feet for gaming, typing ... etc.
  • Heating Slippers made of wool and connect to a USB port.
  • Works under any device with USB port, e.g. PC, Mac, PlayStation or Xbox 360.
  • Built-in washable warming pad.
  • 10 minutes 21°C rise.
  • Maximum 48°C.
  • Size: 32 cm x 33 cm
  • Inner size: 25 x 15 cm/each envelope.
  • Weight: 264gm
  • Cable length: 130cm

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  • Price: US$ 25.00
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