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Do you happen to have a bad habit of fidgeting around at your desk whenever you're bored in the office? Well, instead of twirling pens and drumming your fingers on the table much to the annoyance of your cubicle mates, why not pick up one the USB Fidget. Pressing (tapping, more likely) the ball in question will help it bounce back to the other end of the screen from where the ball came from. A great way to test those reflexes, but do play this with your computer muted unless you want to get a warning letter from the management for not being dedicated enough at work.

"Fidget", the office/home anti frustration gadget!
Stop taping your pen, smoking, or even gigging your leg ... you know who your are!
Always running, on demand desktop mini game.
3 game modes with sounds to challenge your skill and ability.
Press the ball button repeatedly to control the shooting power!
Don't let things stress you out... practice and improve your skills.
Powered by USB with 4 feet of cable.
Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Dimension: 59.8mm dia x 29.5mm height
Weight: 58g


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