Solar Motion Tortoise

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The cutest thing under the sun!
Fantastic toy for all ages! Great gift for children!
This cute little solar tortoise teaches children the benefits of solar energy while they play with a toy. 
It comes with a solar panel and is ready to go. 
Under the sunlight, the solar mini tortoise can shake its head and wag its tail and crawl forward slowly and leisurely. 
You can also charge your tortoise by utilizing a 50 watt or brighter bulb.

Solar mini tortoise
Cute design
No battery required - just put it under the sun and it will crawl like the real thing, so cute everyone wants one!
Works under artificial light (must be strong lighting and reasonably close in distance)
Available colors: Green, Yellow
Randomly selected for dispatch
Dimension: 60 x 44 x 26mm (approx.)
Weight: 15g