Dot Gloves

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Dot Gloves are winter gloves that are designed to be used with the Apple iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Mobile 7 smartphones ... etc.
Silicone texture on three fingertips allow users to manipulate the touchscreens of smartphone devices while keeping their hands warm in cold weather
Finished with a straight stretch cuff. Thumb, index, and middle fingertips operate iPhone with skin-like responsiveness
Can hand wash in lukewarm water, or machine wash on a cold cycle
Size: 67 x 33 x 10mm (approx.)

Support devices:
iPad / iPad 2
iPhone 4
iPhone 3G / 3GS
iPod Touch 4G
iPod Nano 6G
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung i9000 Galaxy S
HTC 7 Trophy, Desire HD, Desire Z, HD7, 7 Mozart
Other capacitive LCD touch screen devices

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