USB Drum Kit

$35.00 USD

The USB Roll Up Drum Kit has 6 pads for you to play around with, and software that will teach you how to drum along to your favorite songs at whatever tempo you want.

Powered by USB, no batteries required.
Roll it up and bring it everywhere, easy storage.
Innovative interface allows all programming and sound to be activated on your monitor.
3 level learning feature.
Play along option, Record/Playback and program option.
Save your songs and E-mail to friends.
6 level tones and default of (-3 to +3)
Tempo Adjustment (40-208 Beats)
5 playing pads (for Sanre, kick, plus 2 toms)
50 percussion sounds.
20 preprogrammed percussion sets.
100 preprogrammed beats.
Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

USB drum board
2 x Drumsticks
CD with software
User guide