Serial ATA 2 Ports PCI Card

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Silicon Image SIL3112A Serial ATA (SATA) Host Controller Chipset with 32-bit interfacing.
Support 2 independent Serial ATA channel with data transfer rate up to 1.5GB/s.
Built-in 256 byte FIFO memory per port for fast Read/Write operations.
Support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

Compliant with:
Serial ATA Specification Revision 1.0
PCI Specification Revision 2.2
PCI IDE Controller Specification Revision 1.0
Programming Interface or BUS Master IDE Controller Revision 1.0

RAID functions:
Support RAID function 0 or 1
Adjustable stripe size for RAID 0
Support co-existing RAID set and Non-RAID HDD
Allows HDDs with different sizes to be configurated in a RAID set

Serial ATA 2 Ports PCI Card
SATA Cable
Driver disc
User's manual