Magnesium Fire Starter

$12.00 USD

In survival situations, you'll want this simple, compact magnesium fire starter with you at all times to get a fire going even in damp weather. 
The magnesium fire starter is a small block of magnesium that is waterproof and fireproof in its solid form. 
Scrape some shavings and then strike the firesteel built into the starter to ignite the shavings. 
The fire generated is extremely hot and will ignite even damp kindling.

From the block, just scrape off magnesium shavings with a knife, then scrape the sparking insert rapidly next to the shavings to ignite.
Works wet or dry, and can even ignite damp kindling.
Magnesium fire-starting tool is fireproof in solid form.
Compact size – fits in a pocket.
Comes with a striker.
Built-in firesteel for sparking.